Young Researchers club


Young Researchers club is a non-profit organization which aims to identify, train, support and promote the scientific level of students and young talents and organize them into scientific research groups and can be formed with the cooperation of Islamic Azad University. Young researchers club has more than 53,000 (15,000 active members and more than 740 talented members).

 The club\'s objectives can be stated as improving the quality of club members on various aspects of cultural, scientific, research, education and entrepreneurship, organize social activities and create the spirit of teamwork among club members and club members creativity manifestation in various fields of science, research, education and entrepreneurship.

Young Researchers club holds more than 90 scientific exhibitions and more than 78 scientific festivals and national and international congresses, it runs over 900 scientific workshops, more than 400 scientific seminars and more than 150 contestants in scientific research. It has advanced research and training facilities in the Middle East, also it has 34 winnings in Robocup World Championship, more than 6400 scientific papers, including more than 1213 ISI and ISC papers, over 795 scientific-research papers and over 4390 research paper presentations at national and international conferences, more than 710 scientific books, over 2,610 national and international patents and over 1500 research projects.