History of IIAU

Islamic Azad University, Islamshahr Branch is located in Islamshahr , twelve kilometers southwest of Tehran. Islamic Azad University, Islamshahr Branch (IAUIB) was founded in June 1997 as a branch of Islamic Azad University, South Tehran branch and was established in a ceremony with the attendance of the president of university, Dr. Jasbi as one of the phenomenal achievements of Islamic Revolution to fulfill the growing enthusiasm of the young population for higher education. In December 1998 the university was officially launched its activities with English translation, computer and law at bachelor and associate degree with total of 401 students. In light of gaining facilities and following the development track in both quantity and quality, today IAUIB offers full time and part time education in undergraduate and graduate levels comprising of humanities, accounting, basic sciences, engineering, physical education and art and now it has about 330 full-time faculty members, about 780 visiting professors, 350 administrative staff and over 24 thousand students.