Vice Chancellor For Students Affairs

Dariush Robati

Dean of Management and Accounting Faculty



This office deals with policy making and planning and provides welfare services for students, and organizes cultural and extra-curricular activities for students. This is the office with which the students are constantly in contact during their university study. The mission of student department is to meet the needs of students and help promoting education, sport and welfare. This department includes student office, press office, the department of physical education, alumni office, consulting center, student committee, the disciplinary committee, alumni association and Crescent association. The overall duties of students department can be outlined as providing accommodation, nutrition, sports facilities, health care, supervising the accomplishment of laws and administrative regulations of the sub-division offices, solving students problems, determining the overall policy in welfare issues, programs, physical education, consultation, issuing certificates of graduation, developing policies and regulations related to the students welfare, planning and developing consulting services to improve educational status and stress reduction of students, observing the issues that are referred to students committees and disciplinary committee, accomplishing, planning, organizing, and monitoring sport activities,  introducing the outstanding alumni, issuance of transcripts for use in Iran and issuance of translatable transcripts for applicants to study abroad and carrying out cases relating to transferring students based on the regulations issued.