Office of Public Relations




Mohsen Negahban
Director of Public Relations

Based on the increasing importance and the role of public relations in public enlightenment and the need to coordinate public relations with agencies, organizations and institutions for client reverence and also providing the information exchange, the need for cooperation between public relations department and faculty members, staff and students seems quite tangible.

 Some of the duties of this office  can be listed as monitoring TV and radio programs and lectures of Islamic Azad University, Islamshahr Branch chancellor and vice chancellors, supervising the preparation, publication and distribution of information and news bulletins and brochures, monitoring and administrating the schedule of conferences, seminars, visits and other activities and make necessary arrangements, supervising the preparation and storage of archival photographs and posters to have them showcased at different occasions, collaborating in publication of periodical  or annual newsletters, reports progression or recession of public relations office activities, making cooperation in the provision of personnel required to provide photos, slides and videos of various events including the opening period, the graduation ceremony and seminars, preparing development and activity statistics of IAUIB to inform students, staff and faculty, monitoring the staff under supervision, coordinating their activities and attending all university meetings for coordination , also preparing continuous communications with public relations office of the Central Organization and other educational and research institutions to make awareness of their educational and scientific programs and seminars and makes necessary arrangements. Please contact 56366516 for any suggestions, criticism and feedback.